Multiple Watch Devices Per Single Account

I’m submitting this post as requested from the Wyze Support team. Basically, I would like people to vote for Wyze to develop the ability to have multiple watch/band devices assigned to a single account.

My reasoning for this is if I want to purchase watch devices for my younger children, I want to be able to manage them on my account. Also the fact that my child don’t even have (and will not have yet) email accounts which Wyze would request a separate email account for each Wyze account created.

This needs to change for those of us that want to purchase those devices for our family members. Please vote in support of this request. Thanks!


The #wishlist item for this is linked below and if you have not yet already you can vote in the upper left corner.

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Support wouldn’t give me a technical explanation. Its my opinion that if you can manage multiple cameras on one account, it should be just as easy to manage multiple watches/bands on a single account.

I don’t know the reason, but the wishlist item above is marked “probably not”, so don’t get your hopes up.

An easy way to get around the issue is by creating a separate account for just the second watch.

Here is a similar wishlist item for the Band:


As I explained in my original post, my children are younger and they do not even have an email account yet which is what Wyze would require for separate accounts. I’m not going to create email accounts for my children just because Wyze can’t/won’t allow multiple watch devices to be manage on a single account.

You’re in for a very long wait… Wyze has discontinued the production of the Band.