Wyze Watch a dud?

To read all the carping on this forum, you’d think the Wyze Watch is a dud. Whoa, it doesn’t even do my laundry! It doesn’t poach proper eggs Benedict, either.

I’ve had mine for a week, and it does everything Wyze says it does. And it DOESN’T do what they don’t say it does (mostly). Did you really expect it to? Oh, come on! It’s all about realistic expectations, and this watch exceeded mine.

How long will the watch last? Too soon to tell, but it shows all the hallmarks of high-quality design, materials, and construction. Given that it’s the first version of their first watch, and that the firmware is version 0.3.65, I anticipate some enhancements, perhaps like the surprise firmware update that unexpectedly gave the Wyze Cam Outdoor wifi connection capability, freeing it from its wired connection and adding tremendously to its value. I didn’t see that coming.

Would I like it to take my SpO2 every 5 minutes? Yeah. But I’m guessing you’d knock them out with complaints about battery life, so they won’t do it. Thanks a lot! And if SpO2 works on your fingertip, then the watch’s SpO2 DOES work; if it doesn’t work on your wrist, then there’s something wrong with your wrist vis-à-vis the watch, and that’s on you. Mine reads SpO2 and pulse even while underwater—and that’s something they didn’t promise.

Did the watch give me my money’s worth? Absolutely. Is the watch perfect? Of course not; did you really expect it to be? But still, it’s pretty neat, and even neater for the price. And no, I have no connection with Wyze other than as a customer like you.


Couldn’t have said it better. I have had my watch for sometime now and it does what I need it to do and what Wyze said it will do. Firmware Updates will only enhance the watch with added features and usability.

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Which watch are you referring to? Wish you first topic wasn’t the watch was a dud. That’s supporting your narrative, lol.