Wyze Watch 47: Text Messages

Thought I would share this in case someone else has the problem and does some searching on this forum.

I was getting a bit frustrated that text messages from my Pixel 4XL Android phone would not show up on my new Watch 47. I searched all the faq’s and support resources and verified that I had all permissions on the phone set properly, to no avail. And in the Wyze app on my phone, under “Notifications” I had the “Text Message” toggle turned on. Still no texts showing on the Wyze 47. In mostly an act of desperation I tapped the “Other Applications” on the "Notifications screen (in the Wyze app), scrolled through the apps, and to my surprise found a “Messages” entry that was not activated. Flipped the toggle to activate it and BAM!! Text messages started showing on the watch. Note that “Messages” is Google’s standard text messaging app on the Pixel phones.

This was quite surprising to me since I already had the “Text Message” toggle turned on in the app. It certainly didn’t seem intuitive to me that I would also have to search “Other applications” and activate the text messaging app there also. And yes, I do understand that there are a variety of texting apps that one can choose to use on Android phones, so it might be difficult for Wyze to figure out which one to activate when the “Text Messages” toggle if flipped. Hmmm… Maybe I should submit a Wishlist entry for this. At a bare minimum, when the “Text Messages” toggle is flipped, pop up a message on the screen telling the user to scroll through “Other Applications” to also activate the desired text messaging app.

When I tap on “Other Applications” there are not any other apps showing. What am I missing?