Wyze watch 44: worthless

So many issues; it gets worse daily:

  • mileage inaccurate: continues to undercount my daily runs by over 10% (3.9 miles vs 4.3)
  • activity recording quits: on 3 of 7 days last week the watch stopped recording before I ended my activity. I started it at the beginning of my run, seeing the 3-2-1 countdown, but when I went to end run the app showed no recording and had restarted.
  • sync failures: hadn’t synced in 4 days today despite opening the app multiple times per day with my iPhone only inches away
  • connectivity failure: most of the time when I open the watch it shows it’s not connected to my phone, sitting 3-5 inches away
  • raise to wake failures: I often either have to wave or shake my arm multiple times to get it wake; my wife is laughing at my flapping arms! Other times it’ll wake every time I barely move my arm
  • crashes: the watch crashes and reboots seemingly at least once per day; oftentimes it’ll be locked-up and won’t open when I press the crown button
  • poor battery life: I’ve had to recharge the phone 3 times in 11 days…it lasted about 3.5 days after its first full charge and 3 on the second. Definitely not the advertised 9 days
  • screen responds to water: while showering or washing my hands I’ve seen the screen activate by water rolling across, turning off Do Not Disturb, starting Sports recording, etc.
  • notifications failures: sometimes I’ll get no notifications all day and then they come in all at once. Last week it notified me at 2:45am…for a notification that had already come in 6 hours earlier. This, despite my having “ do not disturb” hours turned on. I’ve had 2 days in a row with no notifications.
  • can’t dismiss calls from notifications screen: “stop” button doesn’t end call for me; it just stops the alert on my watch, but my iPhone keeps ringing
  • weather doesn’t update: sometimes it’ll just say 0° or it’ll show an update from hours or the day before. There’s no “updated at 6:23am” type message to let me know if it’s recently updated

I don’t know about worthless. No battery issues here, glitchy in water, sleep inaccurate, hate the notification failures, screen will occasionally freeze, and it is resetting often, erasing my alarms.

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I hear ya’, pastorbobbie, but I called it worthless because it’s completely unreliable. It can’t reliably (or accurately) track my activity, sync with my phone, provide notifications, or respond. Heck, it can’t even reliably tell me the time! (Locks up, doesn’t wake, reboots)

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Keep in mind that the firmware is still only in the 0.x phase so I’m not gonna judge until it reaches 1.0.

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I disagree; that’s not a legitimate excuse to me…show me where on this pre-order page that they indicate the software is in Alpha or Beta testing and will be full of bugs and prone to crashing:

“Pre-release” ordering just means you’re allowed to order it before a final product is ready to ship.
It’s NOT:

  • Receiving a Beta release device
  • Receiving a device with software that’s not ready to be used on a daily basis

If I’d known it was in testing, I’d have very different expectations. I realize it’s a $20 watch…why not charge $50 or $100 and take more time to get it right?

If it’s a watch that can’t reliably tell time…it’s a worthless watch.
If it’s a fitness tracker that can’t reliably track activity…it’s a worthless fitness tracker.
If it’s a smartwatch that burns thru power, can’t sync reliably, crashes, and can’t complete simple tasks…it’s not a very smart smartwatch.

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It says they sold over 100,000 watches…if so, increasing the price $10 would give them an extra $1,000,000 to pay for more R&D, testing, etc. A million dollars buys a lot of programmers and testers! :smile:

Not completely worthless. Just a few years ago $20 would only get you a watch that still couldn’t keep time. It does keep time!!. Unfortunately everything else you say is accurate. It’s off my wrist and back in a drawer until they come up with a firmware upgrade. Then I’ll try it again. If it still doesn’t connect or count steps correctly, it goes in the trash. I don’t think I could give it away as is.


After the last few days, I am now with you on worthless. The repeated failure to connect with my phone and the app and resets cause the following issues:

I have missed critical phone calls and messages thinking my watch was connected after it unexpectedly quit.

Each time it resets itself it erases the alarms making it useless to use as an alarm, since I am never certain if this feature will actually work.

It now no longer will connect with my phone and after reset has defaulted to the hands rater than digital numbers, and without numbers on the watch face, it is difficult to even determine the time of day. So it effectively is no longer even functioning effectively as a watch.

The continued connection issues and repeated resets have left me with no way to actually use the watch. I am disappointed and frustrated.

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Raise to wake is worthless. As folks say, you have to shake it all about most of the time. I’ve never had a watch that’s so insensitive to waking. I want to glance at the time and it takes severe arm motion to get a response. FIX IT. Going to go back to my less-smart watch.