Wyze Watch 44 Battery Life

I’ve had my watch turned on for 6 days. It arrived with 99% battery so I charged it to 100%. It is now at 18%. Since it constantly disconnects from my iPhone, I’m always checking to see if it’s connected. I also have a colored picture and text for my watch face. Perhaps these factor into the battery life. I turn it off when I go to bed so I was expecting better battery life. I definitely won’t get 9 days out of it as advertised. Out of curiosity, I’m wondering how everyone else is doing on battery life.

My wife’s Watch 44 has been powered on since we received it Friday before last. It is now going into its 9th day without charging and it still reads 47%. I did charge it fully when we received it, but I am amazed at the battery life! Her 44 is connected to her Android phone and is sync’d for notifications of incoming calls and incoming texts.

For what it’s worth, my Watch 47, received the same day, is still showing 50% remaining, with the same notification connections as her 44.

I’m getting better battery life this past week compared to the first week. A day after I initially posted, the notification to charge the battery appeared at 10%. I’m now sitting at 44% after 7 days (still turning my watch off when I go to bed). I don’t get every notification since my watch disconnects from my iPhone a lot.

YMMV for sure on this, so not sure why they ever claim anything. It depends on your use. But for me getting a ton of notifications a day, my battery life on the 44 is currently around 9 days.

It really depends on what you do with it. The first week you own it you are probably playing with everything, so battery life will be reduced.

I haven’t noticed any issues disconnecting from my iPhone tho.

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