Wyze Watch 44 Questions

I just tried the timer function for the first time. You can’t set a timer and scroll away from it to check the clock or your steps or whatever. Nope, timer or timer. I’d like to have it run in the background if that’s possible.

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More observations on 44:

  1. Are there any women out there who plan to use the Cycle Track? I wish Wyze offered opt-in/opt-out apps so unwanted apps (like Cycle Track) could be removed. (If anyone is planning to use CT, I would be curious to hear your feedback.)

  2. I brought this up in another 44 thread, the Weather app doesn’t work well. Current conditions in my city are wrong and then there just seems to be a “long-range” forecast. Today is Thursday. The forecast I see is for Monday-Wednesday. What happened to Friday-Sunday? (To be fair, I also had weather problems with the band from time to time.)

  3. I wish the Sports app included other activities besides running… for example, walking or cycling. I do use Google Fit to track all my walking stats but it seems it should be easy enough to add to the watch.

  4. The workaround for fixing missing Notifications should be explained in a better way by Wyze in their FAQ. Thanks to suggestions posted in another thread I was able to get all of mine working. The audible/vibration alert for notifications also needs to be a lot more noticeable. Hopefully these issues will be addressed in a firmware update.

  5. The screen does not stay active long enough. Again, hopefully this will be addressed in an update.

  6. I’m keeping Raise to Wake on except during the night. It can certainly suck battery life but I’ve gotten tired of fumbling with the button on the side to get the screen active when I’m busy doing something.

  7. A big shout-out to Wyze for improving the Shortcuts app on the watch. Activating shortcuts on the band was a horrible process. For the watch, much better!

All this said, I really do like the 44. While there is a lot of room for improvement, it’s not a bad little watch for the price.

Have had my watch since the presale first round of deliveries, recently I’ve had 8 lines show up on the watch face, four on each side. Not sure what the cause is, and doesn’t seem to effect anything yet, just a visual annoyance.

That looks like something that needs to be reported.

I ended up going back to the band. The band’s alarm wakes me up every time. As summer is here in TX, I realize I rely on the timer function to remind me to turn over when tanning. The Alexa connection is what’s really missing for me with the 44 watch. Really makes the band useful.

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On Quick Actions screen what is the bottom left which only makes a loud noise?

I got assistance online. It is the Find my Phone icon. No wonder it clanged. I was holding my phone. But why didn’t start up info tell you what they were???