Wyze Band Screen Timeout increased duration options

I have had my Wyze Band for a little bit over 24 hours now, and I’m really loving it so far. Has anybody found a way to make the screen last a little bit longer before timing out? When checking my Heart Rate, I’ve had the screen go dark on me a few times before getting my reading. It’s also gone to sleep on me when looking at the extended weather forecast. I would love just another two seconds before it goes to sleep.

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I would love to find this out as well. So far I haven’t found any setting for this.

You’d think that the screen wouldn’t go dark until a short time after it got the heart rate. This frustrates me because sometimes the Band doesn’t quickly get my heart rate reading.

I would like to have an option to set the time that the Wyze Band display stays on. For older eyes it takes a bit more time to digest all the information on the small screen or adjust to or focus on the screen, and it often turns off before I am ready for it to turn off.

It looks like it is currently on for about 4 seconds… I would like to see 6, 8, 10 seconds as options. Or maybe on screens with more information the screen stays on a little longer.


I agree the screen timeout is too short and I always have to tap it several times to read the screen.

I know there has been a ticket put in by @Newshound regarding increasing length of the time the screen stays on when you read notifications. Hopefully, they can add it in the setting somewhere so it’ll apply when looking at the screen for anything not just heart rate or notifications.

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@ArthurH stated they are working on a adjustable screen timeout


That’s great to hear. Hopefully, they can push out the update soon.

Thanks for the information.

Thanks for updating us. Did he post that somewhere?

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click here :slight_smile:

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I don’t have access to that private group…but I’ll take your word for it! Thanks.

ahh, sorry…it’s just the wyze FB beta group, anyone can join :slight_smile:


Why isn’t there an option to adjust the screen timeout? There isn’t much time to read the Weather, or pick a Shortcut for example.

If you look at the posts above… It looks like they are looking into it.

When a notification arrives on the Wyze Band the screen doesn’t stay on long enough to read them.

My Pebble watch has the ability to stay on for 8 seconds… just the right amount of time.

Considering the band holds a charge for a week, I’d be willing to charge the band more often if the screen would stay on longer during notifications.

Make it a choice in the settings… Choose screen on time… 3 sec 5 sec 8 sec etc.



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As posted by m.w.hayes70 in the following post that is in the early-access-wish, I would like to request a feature to allow the time to always be displayed.

While I’d be okay with the time displaying on a black background, I realize a few additional features could really extend the usefulness of an always on display, so, instead of recreating a feature list, I just copied m.w.hayes70’s list below:

  • Since the screen is AMOLED, I propose a mode without a picture to conserve power. Just a configurable brightess/color with a time only option (could show the pic if you wish as well).
  • Allow Time, Time and Date, Time and Date and Pic
  • Allow schedule of this option. Ex: wake alarm till sleep, always, when awake, or time range
  • Allow configurable brightness to help with power
  • Allow configurable font/size to help with power
  • Allow ‘show battery’ on this mode

Thank you for the consideration!

I would like the watch notifications to last a bit longer. By the time I free my hand and roll my wrist over the notification has cleared. I understand that it will effect battery life but for me it would be more of a benefit to me to see the notification without having to unlock the screen and look up the note.

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Sorry for error. Makes sense

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You can set the display on duration time now. I believe it was with the FW (August 10, 2020) update.

Thank you!

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