Wyze Video Search Beta

I got the Android beta and I’m not getting any search results there either. I submitted log 1433775.

How do I download the beta android app?

R. Dale Mercer

Follow the instructions that have been shared in direct replies to your question twice already in this topic. Why do you keep asking?

User isn’t using a browser to view forum. They are replying via email and can’t see anything other than the one post to which they are replying.

Instead of relying on email for forum replies, please view the forum via an Internet browser (and optionally log in) so you can read your numerous replies. Follow this link from a browser:

Wyze Video Search Beta

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On it!

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Sad to hear that!! Could you share me a log number? I will look into it.

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I do not have access to the beta user forum… this (EMAIL) is the only access that I have…which is why I continue to ask. I have NOT seen an answer… yet.

Can you please provide a link/access to either the beta forum or the Android beta download?

R. Dale Mercer


Become a Beta Tester – Wyze Labs, Inc.

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Dear Wyze Wizards,

I humbly request access to your new, magic, Eye of Sauron, AI search. Please and Thank You.

I have been a cam owner since 2017. Help me Obi-Wyze. You are are my only hope.



@rdalemercer The emails you receive are really just replicates of forum posts. Here’s a direct link to the beta section of the forum:

Once you log in (with your regular Wyze credentials), you will see a Preference option under your avatar, top right. There you can set up which emails you want to receive.

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The search results are not in order by date and time. I see current search results at the bottom of the list. There needs to be an option to show results in order by date and time!

Note taken! Currently, all results are sorted by relevancy only. We are considering a secondary filter and sort feature to filter and sort search results. To help us understand your needs better, could you share: why you would like the results sorted by time? What’s your goal with search, and how might it help you?


I think sorting by time would make the most sense because if you are looking for things like a fedex truck, you would probably want the most recent one, not some random one in the last 14 days.

Also, filtering by camera would be really helpful.


Our team told me that you have only one device turned on for Video Search yet the device didn’t upload any event (meaning that it could be offline). I will DM you the device mac for you to double-check.

I found the issues!
Unfortunately, Video Search doesn’t work with Cam Plus Lite… so basically CPL and Video Search use two different pipelines and CPL is unfortunately the only service we don’t support…


This would be welcome. Using the “[color] car” example, let’s say I am curious to look up what time a frequently visiting family member arrived at my house most recently. If I search for their car, it might show me “relevant” results from 2 weeks ago, when I really just want to know the most recent time.

Sorting options would be really useful, even if the AI search itself could be told to limit their results to “Today” or "Yesterday or “Within the last 3 days” or whatever.


So I have an interesting question on the overall effect of the AI search on the filtering abilities and AI training.

@WyzeMengtingHu I’m thinking you might be best suited to give clarity or at least help the Mavens so that we can guide the community if this comes up "so far it hasnt to my knowledge.

Currently at the bottom of the event clip you can click yes or no if the clip matches your search. Once that is clicked though you are able to go into the regular feedback that we’ve had for quite some time now to submit for updates on the AI. I’m wondering if people are clicking yes this matches my search but not clicking any of the feedback in the second screen does this affect anything? For instance say I search for a blue car, and I get clips of a blue car and I click yes that the search was successful and matched. But in the excitement of finding exactly what I needed I click the next screen to submit without clicking any of the buttons such as vehicle. Would that be detrimental to the AI training at all?

I don’t know if that’s happening but having been a part of our amazing team for some time we have seen much stranger things happen.

Secondly I was wondering if maybe the search could be wrapped into certain keywords that could be coordinated on the back end So that if someone searched for say car, and then they marked that search successful, it would automatically be filtered as a successful find for the AI training as well. I can’t think of that list being very very large but certain ones would automatically tie into the AI submission feedback that we’ve done for years such as car truck bike for vehicle, or cat or dog for pet. I’m sure there might be others but it’s just a quick thought at this point :slight_smile:


Hi Bam, thank you so much for giving great thoughts on the feedback mechanism! Feedback is one key aspect of how we improve any AI features, especially Video Search.

  1. If people click yes, but do not click any of the feedback on the second screen - this will still be very helpful for us, as we know this particular result correctly reflects the particular search term. We encourage users to select all tags that are reflected in the event but even if they didn’t select anything, it’s still better than no feedback at all!
  2. This is a great idea - currently, we do tie the event feedback together with the search term so we would know when users click “yes” or “no” what they meant. Are you suggesting us to increase the tags on the second screen, potentially dynamic to the search term?