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How are everyone using Video Search on app???

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Just as an FYI, I got the Android app and tried searching in that and same results as I mentioned earlier in this thread… on my cameras that have Vehicle detection turned OFF, when I search for anything vehicle related (car, truck, black SUV, etc) I get zero AI events.

I’m positive this is an issue because I have 10 cameras looking at my driveway with hundreds of events of my car and truck sitting there. The only camera that picked up an AI search related to a vehicle was my Garage Door Controller camera which happened to pick up my car and truck in the driveway when the door was open and it was the worst shot of my car and truck but did it correctly and did it for the only two events I had for that camera that showed a car and truck! The other 9 cameras, with way better views of my car and truck, but with Vehicle Detection off, don’t show anything.

I haven’t had time but when I can I’m going to see if this carries over into the “Pet” category as well and if only my cameras with Pet Detection on will pick up AI searches for animals.

I’m not sure why it looks like I’m the only one having this issue though… unless everyone else just has Vehicle Detection ON so don’t realize it’s not working when it’s OFF. Hmm?

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Hi Bfranker! Here you are! I was trying to find your previous post and get back to you on this! Your previous note actually triggered a hot discussion amongst our team, with people including our engineer lead, our CPO, and our Chief AI scientists. I am not going to post the entire discussion here, but in short, we had a long discussion on the design behind your experience and have set a few things that we will explore internally.
So… your intuition is spot on. We currently NEED vehicle detection on, to be able to pick up vehicle search results such as trucks, tractors, blue Tesla, or ice cream trucks. Similarly, we will need PERSON detection on, to pick up queries such as woman wearing black, gardeners, janitors, and/or children playing with toys.
That being said, to have VS work with your devices, my recommendation for you is to turn on Smart Detection (Vehicle detection is one sub toggle - please check it’s turned on). If you are worried about getting too many vehicle detection notifications, you can choose to turn off vehicle notifications. (P.S. Smart Detection should be the default setting for a lot of us so I guess that’s why you are not seeing many others sharing the same issue…)
We understand that there must be reasons why you kept the vehicle detection OFF in the first place, so in parallel, we created a few tickets to explore a rollback mechanism, which might allow us to search against all videos when vehicle detection is off. This might take a while but I will keep you posted.
Thank you for being our tester and sharing the invaluable feedback!



There is no way to do this, as far as I’m aware. Notifications is a single toggle for all enabled Smart Detection.

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In the camera settings, turn notifications on, then the screen that comes up After that lets you turn on or off notifications for individual type motion events.

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Just to add to this… each camera you have will need to be tailored to it’s area. If you have something facing the street, you might as well turn off notifications or even recording vehicle events. You will be inundated with notifications and your event log will be loaded up vehicle events. I have to do this to my driveway.

In my backyard, I get a lot critters so I have to turn off Pet Detection notifications. I still want the events so I can look back and what happened, but I don’t need to be notified.

Outside camera’s require the most tuning because you can’t control the variables that it will see. But the Camera will be happy to tell you about everything it sees if you ask it to.

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@WyzeMengtingHu I can give you one rationale why I do this on at least one of my camera models…some cameras do not have separate notifications for each AI object. For example, on most cameras I can tell it to detect vehicles or pets, but not NOTIFY me of vehicles or pets. I may only want to be notified of people. But on my Video Doorbell Pros, if I tell it to detect vehicles or pets, I’m going to be constantly spammed notifications about them. So I HAVE to turn off detections for them in order to not get notifications for them. This sucks, but you guys don’t allow me granular notification control for the VDBPro. You FORCE us to get ALL NOTIFICATIONS for anything we want to detect (notifications are only to get ALL WYZE EVENTS as notifications, or none. So we have to turn those detections off if we don’t want constant notifications about our cat sitting on the porch, or every vehicle that drives by on the road. It’s a flaw you have never fixed and is now impacting the ability to use the AI search because we still can’t add those detections without getting constant notifications spammed to us.

I can’t remember which other devices have this same problem, but it is something we have requested many times to be resolved. Thankfully all the newer cameras have granular notifications options separate from the detections.


Notification settings must be different on different camera models. I don’t have an option to control individual Smart Detection events on my Doorbell V1 with Cam Plus. It’s all or nothing, based on the types enabled in the Event Recording settings.


Yes, the Doorbell V2 (and all the cameras I think) have granular Event Recording vs. Notifications. The V1 does not.


Ughh bummer. I wish we could have a rolled-back mechanism soon, so you can search for these vehicle objects even if you keep the detection off. :smiling_face_with_tear:


That would be nice, but IMO having the granular notification controls for all camera types would be higher priority.

Doing that would help keep the camera settings and UIs consistent, make granular notifications a feature on all cameras, and also fix this SV issue.

It’s not a perfect solution, some people may want to keep their events tab clean by not having pointless vehicle detection events (for a parked car, busy road, etc), but it would hit 3 birds with one stone.