Wyze Video Doorbell Review

Hello, I am locus from Reviewsed.com; on Reviewsed, we are covering tech and security related blogs and reviews for the last 1 year, Now we have started writing on home security, So we have decided to review Wyze Video Doorbell, We already analyze the product page, But we want some genuine reviews of Wyze Video Doorbell users so we can use them in our product review.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

I don’t think it’s supposed to ship out to customers until January. As far as I know, the only customers that have it are beta testers.


Hi @lucasbrownofficial29 and welcome to the community. Ditto on @raym64 comment.
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Beta users are flushing out the problems at this point. . . Good luck!

It wouldn’t be fair to WYZE to review the device while it’s still being beta tested.

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wouldn’t be fair to WYZE to review

I agree with @angus.black.

@lucasbrownofficial29 It’s going to take some time before the general public gets their hands on the doorbell to try it out. The doorbell may not ship out until January of next year.


Thanks for your interest!

We aren’t sending review units out yet and our testers have been instructed to not speak with media until they’re given the green light at the end of testing. I suspect that you’ll have better luck around the time we start shipping units. You may want to reach out to the support team and ask to be connected to our marketing folks if you want to make a pitch for receiving a review unit later. Though I can’t promise that you’ll be a good fit because I’m not on that team.

Have a great day! :slightly_smiling_face: