Pre-Ordered Wyze Video Doorbell

Here is a tip for Wyze.
When you advertise a pre-Order for an item you are selling, don’t stretch the consumer’s confidence.
I ordered a video doorbell in September and at that time was told it would be shipped in Jan 2021.
It is nearly the end of February and no doorbell yet.
But, you didn’t hesitate to take the money from my account nearly 5 months ago.

Heads up, I won’t be ordering anything in advance from Wyze anymore.
Your confidence level is in the cellar for me cause you lied about delivery.
What benefit to a consumer who has confidence in your product, pays you up front, depends upon your honesty, and then gets the shaft when 5 months later still no product or personal apology for the delay.

Welcome to the forums! Have you been getting or seeing the shipping updates? It’s weekly Wyze updates about all things products that are in preorder, shipping, announced, etc. It’s a update that gives updates on shipping, reasons for delays and what’s going on. Here is the latest one: