Wyze video doorbell hardware

Installed the video doorbell recently. Very happy so far. But if there is one thing Wyze might change would be the mounting plate thread depth and bolt length. My existing wires are roughly 1/16" diameter. The thread inserts would need to be deeper or longer to allow a longer length of thread bolt (mounting hardware)
When you wrap the wire around the bolt and try to tighten the bolt there isn’t enough length on the bolt for that diameter of wires. SOLUTION/MODIFICATION that I ended up doing to make it work: flatten out the wire to reduce diameter size.

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I agree that those screws are too small. :). I ended up using the provided Wire Nuts and extender wires (Grey) to connect to the Doorbell. Were you not able to use those?

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I was going to use the supplied wires from Wyze however I didn’t want to add to what already existed. I realized I could just flatten the wires down a bit and make it work. Either way is definitely a viable option for sure. If I were guessing though Wyze might have to change some CAD on their end and maybe some re tooling on plastic molding or modeling. Plus different hardware. Not sure if they’d like that idea but it probably was a minor oversight. So far everything else is good. This was a replacement for a Vivint doorbell cam.
Thanks for responding and have a good day.