Video Doorbell Electrical Connection Screws

I’ve been trying to get replacement of the 2 small screws that are on the back of the video doorbell where you connect the electrical wires without much success. I was installing this for my granddaughter, who live in a college town 45 minutes away. I loosened the 2 screws to allow connection of the wires and since they have a very small amount of thread, they dropped, rolled off the porch into a muddy flowerbed. I searched and searched without success to find them.

Have now been in contact with 4 Customer Service people who are unable to supply me with replacement screws. They will send me a warranty replacement unit (which I appreciate but it’s a bit of overkill) but require me to send them the MAC number off the unit, which is 45 minutes away.

It seems to me (since I was a Brand Manager for an international corporation) that there are probably 100’s, if not 1,000’s, of these screws in the Wyze Washington facility. All it takes is checking with someone in purchasing, brand management or engineering and they could probably put a couple in an envelope and drop in the mail to me.

Is there anyone out there that can provide me with the size of the screws so I might try to locate locally in Kansas City. I checked at Lowe’s, Home Depot and Menards without success.

Just frustrating that Customer Service can only look at their computer screen and say “No, that’s not something we show on our screen.” A quick phone call or email to a couple of people in corporate office could solve this issue in less than 5 minutes,

Mac is accessible in the app.

I agree, I’m sure they have tons laying around, but it’s probably cheaper for them to send a new one than to locate the screws, have someone package them, and send the little envelope to you. Have you tried asking them what the size is? Unlikely but they may be able to tell you.

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If you are talking about the original doorbell, I think it’s a Phillips pan head, #4-40 x 1/8" (a warranty replacement doorbell also works, lol).

But you are right on the rest. It’s just that Wyze only thinks in whole unit measures. :wink:


Newshound, thanks for the possible screw size.