Wyze Video Doorbell Firmware Beta Testing 3/1/2021

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Motion Detection Zone - Works as intended - I also feel like the Detection selection UI on the Doorbell is much more obvious than other versions - It’s clear to see what you are selecting in the Zone.

Watermark shows

Nothing to validate on DST for me

Day and night mode, I have noticed when walking outside in the dark the day and night mode can switch from night to day based on light from my porch light reflecting off a body, totally environmental as my porch light is in a semi enclosure directly above.

Prior to updated firmware I noticed no issues with the audio on and off but it performs as intended in my testing.

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Is there a damn fix for this

In my case, I generally see that if I click on a notification right away, if you give it a few seconds after notification it usually opens. Its like the file is still writing to the server.

This is only happening with my doorbell not my v3 so there something wrong

@Yichen I have also noticed a weird constant refresh of the doorbell thumbnail view on the main app page. See example video.

In this video you see it happen when I open the app and after I refresh where the other camera thumbnails do not, just the doorbell.

However, if I just have the main page open on occasion the thumbnail will randomly blink multiple times on it’s own.
Hard to capture in video because of it’s randomness, but it generally blinks then flashes 3 or 4 times.

Running .233 and noticing Doorbell DNS hits on google.com every 30 seconds. Seems excessive.

New watermark works, however.

I have installed the doorbell. I have fond that the alert is a touch delayed. Is therr a setting that I can adjust to alert me quicker ? -Thanks,

I’ve received firmware update today but I don’t see any changes or detection zone. In fact, I don’t see any difference. I’ve tried rebooting the doorbell and clearing cache on app and also relogging in. Am I supposed to wait for the app update?

Same here, so far it’s a no-update update.

Same I see no changes

Oh okay. That’s fine. As long as the problem isn’t just on my end I guess the fix is coming.

Does the volume control slider for the chime actually do anything? I can’t hear any difference.

It makes a difference on mine. I can definitely hear a volume difference.

Is this thread concerned with the delay on the motion detection? I thought the f/w update went a long way in the response time for someone activating the doorbell.

Received app update today and I see the motion detection zone now.

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