Wyze vacuum virtual walls are unpredictable

The Wyze vacuum virtual walls are unpredictable. The walls worked great in the past few weeks then last week, my expensive Persian carpet seemed to be steam rolled…the tassels were all over the place. My first assumption was that the virtual walls had failed, even though I could still see them on the map in the Wyze app. So I turned on the vacuum and watched. The walls worked exactly like they should. Then today, I again ran the vacuum and watched. The vacuum went through the virtual walls like a knife through butter. What gives ???

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Same issue. It’s blowing right through the virtual walls and then getting confused where to return for charge, then dying in various locations in the house and dropping communication.
It’s also getting stuck/jammed more and not notifying me.
It worked great when I first bought it, but seems Wyze software “upgrades” might be the same old story with this company.

We have very expensive carpets in our living room that almost got ruined due to the failure of the Wyze Robot vacuum’s virtual walls. Without any rhyme or reason, the virtual walls started being unpredictable. I am so very disappointed. At least with the iRobot, the infrared walls worked 100% of the time. The Wyze Robot virtual walls have a mind of their own. We are not pretty ticked off with Wyze due to this flaw.