Wyze V4 vs V3 Pro Cameras

The V4 low light is TERRIBLE compared to the V3-pro. Also, the image is so fuzzy on the V4 that the V3-pro actually looks better to me. I’m putting my V3-pro back and sending back the V4. The upgrade was actually a downgrade for me. Hopefully Wyze makes a V4 pro soon.

I also have V3-pro and V4 cameras. I’m finding the low light ability of the V4 to be much worse. The compression of the video on the V4 is so bad the picture is not much better than the V3-pro. And, I also hate the bubble face on the V4, as it doesn’t work well in the Window mount, though it does fit enough to stay in place. I’m sticking with the V3-pro until the make a V4-pro.

I have both V3pro and V4. They both are extremely nice cameras and produce nice picture qualities and streaming images.

I would watch the Lifehacksters review.


I think Lifehackster is doing a review of all the Wyze Cams we have simultaneously. That’ll be so good, I’m stoked.


That is good to know. Cannot wait

I put my V4 in the same Place I had the V3 Pro. The only difference I see is the colors are deeper on the V4 and it takes longer to down load the event video. The V3 Pro got moved to view the front door. This is night vision off, spotlight off. I think the bright light down the street is the neighbor’s Pan Cam or V3 trying to get a date with the V4. :two_hearts::rofl:

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One thing I noticed on your previous video is the framerate cutting back significantly as the car is pulling around. Once the car is headed the other direction it is much smoother again. I wonder if it is caused by the car’s headlights causing motion blur or maybe the Smart AI detection on Wyze’s server is trying to decipher what it is looking at.

I believe as @habib said previously in my other post it is probably the starlight sensor reaction of going from ambient light to really bright in and for a few seconds.
I think he was correct, my V3 Pro did the same thing.

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When will the V4 get monitoring added to the software?

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