Wyze v3 freezes when updating

I have 3 - v3’s and have an issues with updating. 2 cameras update and revert back to active status when completed. 1 camera freezes in the updating status and after several minutes, I have to completely disconnect it and close the app. After reconnecting and opening the app, the camera has been updated. This is not a onetime issue and has happened with every update. I do mass updating. Has anyon experienced this issue and found a solution? Thank you for any help.

Never liked “update all” for a two reasons. Like you I’ve had the same issue doing 4 cams, and my second reason is if the firmware update causes a problem then you have to fix them all. I only have 5 cams so I do them one at a time and check to see if they work after the update.

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Thank you Antonius. So far, I have not had to fix any camera except the one that froze or update failed and the one that froze had been updated once I got it back online. Next update I’ll try your “one at a time” method and see if it is more successful.

I noticed more problems with updates on v3 vs my older pan cams. Have them outside in sheltered patio and in same location as the older ones once were located.
I do one at a time. Just updated one and it had to be “retried” and then rebooted before completing successfully. The other v 3 , I had to take off wall and move inside . Although it connects to internet and records okay in its location. Just whenever updating takes more effort.

Thank you Oso. I’ll do individual cams going forward. With v3’s, wco’s, v2’s and pan’s, updates never happen to all at the same time.