Wyze V3 Extension Cord

I just received my V3 camera & the cord is not long enough to plug it in where I want it. Going to be outside so do not want to use an extension cord. I see on Amazon 15’ extension cords will they work with the V3 camera?
Thanks, Mike

These are ones I’ve purchased. FYI: The cable is round, not flat.

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About 2 years ago I checked out some long cables with a USB tester:


I just installed 2 V3 cams with 25ft Extension Cord micro USB and everything seems to be working properly. I wonder just how long we can go before noticing any adverse effects. I have 2 more cameras to install but I’m looking at a 50ft run and I am NOT running extension cords for power - these micro usb cords are easier to run and hide.

Search around on the board. Standard USB cables have to much power loss with distances much over 30 feet. But posters on here have written of running POE setups, landscape lighting power, and POTS with appropriate adaptors.

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