Wyze V3 didn't record dogs walking at night

I have setup my Wyze V3 camera inside a window pointing to my front yard and it’s been detecting all sorts of motion. But last night our neighbors dogs went through my lawn but the camera didn’t mark it as an event. It put little boxes around the dogs as it walked across the lawn but it didn’t save the event. Under Detection Settings I have “MOTION DETECTION SENSITIVITY” set to 85. Do I need to set it higher?

I can’t upload attachments but you can view it here:


Have you considered the 5 minute cool down between events?


I don’t see a cool down option under “Event Recording”. Is it that V3 doesn’t have that option? Also, I have the Cam Plus license installed.

Okay so the cooldown doesn’t apply (because you have CamPlus). So where is that video from, your SD card?

Yes, the video is from the SD card. I happened to be looking out the window when I saw the dogs walking around. The next day I checked the app on my phone and it hadn’t recorded this as an event.

The camera didn’t mark them as an event but they sure marked your lawn with an event :open_mouth:


Hah! I might have thought they were too small to track, but the green boxes indicate otherwise. I don’t know why they weren’t marked as at least a motion event.

Lol. Those types of events are ok but sometimes they leave other larger “events” that the owner doesn’t pick up. That’s what I want to capture.