Wyze V3 Can't Find Network Name

Out of the blue one of my Wyze V3 camera’s went offline. I tried rebooting it and setting it up all over again but it keeps saying it can’t find the network name. My home network has not changed, my iPhone, MacBook Pro and other Wyze cameras have no problem finding my network. I even tried putting the camera right next to the router and it still said it couldn’t find the network name, even though the name was correct. Any help would be appreciated.

I believe this is caused by the recent firmware update. I’m guessing your camera is now on firmware or is that right?

For some reason the recent security update seems to have added some glitches in functionality. I had the same thing happen to me on one of my V3Pros, it also kept saying that it could not find the network name.

Things some people have found to help:

  • Reboot it (that obviously didn’t fix it for you)
  • Reset to factory settings and go through setup again
  • Flash the firmware…unfortunately, Wyze has blocked flashing back to any firmware version prior to 10/22/23 now, presumably because they are concerned about the security…but others have reported that flashing the firmware has helped, even if it is flashing to recent firmware, so it may not matter.

Lastly, I expect we should get some kind of update on this by Friday as part of fix it Friday. People have been reporting glitches with the recent firmware. They felt the security updates were critical, so it bypassed beta testing…and unfortunately that seems to have caused some bugs to go unnoticed prior to publication.


Yes 7095. Wow, just figures another Wyze software glitch. Yet, none of my other V3’s seem to be effected. I did try a reset which didn’t work. I won’t flash it because it’s not an easy slam dunk process, which is something Wyze should make available. You expect an update by Friday…Wyze takes way too long to fix issues on camera’s that are supposed to be used for security!

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To be clear, when I say I expect an update by Friday, I just mean I expect/hope to hear something in writing, like a report update, not necessarily another firmware update by then. Wyze didn’t say that would happen, but I know a lot of people in the various platforms reported bugs with the new firmware, so I assume it will be addressed.

Yeah I assumed a fix would take longer. But this really is unacceptable because had all my cameras been effected, then there goes my security eyes. I don’t even know why only one of my V3 cameras did this, but for all I know it could happen to the rest of them.

I am having the same issue. My firmware version is One of two cameras has gone offline and I cannot get any camera to find my same home network, Spectrum. I tried to v3 Pro that was active and an older v3. Neither will find my home network again. This is extremely frustrating, to say the least.

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This issue really needs to be a top priority with Wyze and we need updates on what they are doing about it. Why is it that with every turn Wyze continues to have software issues? Hire talent and stop wasting resources on new products!

While I agree with the need to do maintenance on existing products, I don’t agree that Wyze should stop making new products. I’m very opposed to that.

Smart Home and Smart Camera companies that stop developing and stop offering new products, usually quickly completely stop existing, and if they are a cloud-dependent company like Wyze, almost everything they ever produced stops working 100%. I’d hate for all our Wyze stuff to stop working 100% and die off due to not creating new products, so I am completely opposed to any suggestions to stop making new products because then when they go out of business due to that TERRIBLE decision, my 300+ Wyze devices would suddenly stop working entirely.

Some examples of companies that followed this advice and found out the hard way:

  • Insteon launched their last product in 2019, then went 3 years with no new products and had to file for bankruptcy in 2022.
  • Zonoff, Pebble, Koala, swann, and lighthouse went a year without new stuff and then shut down (2018, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2018, respectively)
  • Canary went 2 years without a new product and it collapsed in 2020 (there name is apt symbolism…a warning of impending death of a company if they stop producing new products…just as canaries warn minors of impending doom in a cave/mine)
  • iControl Networks had their last launch in 2014 then went 2 years without a new one and collapsed in 2016
  • Iris by Lowe’s crashed in 2019 after 2 years without a new product
  • Piper went 2 years without a new product and crashed in 2016
  • Wink screwed over a LOT of it’s big fans…launching their last product in 2017 and then dying off in 2021 with everyone losing access to everything. Wink leaves a huge legacy and cautionary tale.

I could probably continue the list with DOZENS more…but my point is…YES, Wyze should continue to do maintenance on stuff, but they should in no way STOP developing new products. If they ever go a long period without a new product, I"ll probably start jumping ship ASAP because history would not be on the side of their survival in any way. I am completely opposed to any suggestions to stop making new products. Our Wyze stuff is Cloud-dependent, so if Wyze follows that device, we’ll all lose all our stuff permanently. I think they are doing fine with having a new product every 1-2 months to keep some excitement in there. Though I wish they’d do more than just cameras.

Wyze KEEP making new products please or I will absolutely leave before you collapse. Having said that, please update and support all past products too. I know cell phone companies and other companies purposely try to stop supporting and kill off their old products every 2-3 years or so, but I hate that. I would definitely not like Wyze to join the industry standard of planned obsolescence. I want my Wyze stuff to last a long time and keep getting new and improved updates and features.


On my network only the V3 Pro’s went out. Every other camera stayed on. The firmware on all 5 V3 Pro’s is Now my 4 V3’s on work fine. Anyway just sharing.

I’m not saying Wyze needs to stop making new products forever. They just need to focus on fixing software, which they have failed miserably at over the years. I know you think they can release new products and improve their software but the evidence is clear, they can’t. And the reason is because they have been reallocating resources and funding more into new products. Look, I like Wyze I really do but I will not be a fan boy and when a company screws up I will speak up!

Their software issues have been a thorn in my side for years now. And this latest one which makes one of my security cameras (so far), a brick is completely unacceptable and you know it. I don’t know why only one of my V3’s has this issue but I’m worried the others will end up with it too. I’ve never ever had an internet based device not be able to find my home Wifi. You know as well as I do that Wyze needs to hire talent and properly test software prior to releasing it.

Yes, I totally agree that Wyze needs to rectify these newly introduced firmware bugs.

I guess my perspective is that it doesn’t have to be same people working on a new product who work on maintenance or existing products. Lets make up a number and say they have 100 employees total (I don’t know the real number). They do not need 100% of them working on bugs. Some of those employees aren’t even developers that COULD work on bugs, but for the sake of argument, lets say that they do. So, all 100 (100%) are working on bugs and past products now. Now they hire 10 new employees as a brand new team to work on new products, and Wyze releases new products. That does not in any way take away any resources or anything from the people who were working on already existing products. Also, as they do fix up existing bugs and stabilize some of the products, they will need more stuff to do or Wyze will have to downsize and get rid of some employees. If you have been watching the Fix It Friday events over the last several months, you will have noticed that reported bugs have dropped so low that sometimes there almost not even any bugs reported on some of the platforms. Last month they even had to extend Fix it Friday and beg people to please report bugs. A lot of their products have been stabilizing fairly well over this year until this month when they had this critical security update screw up a bunch of devices.

Don’t misunderstand, there will always be bugs. Even with just a handful of lines of code it’s almost impossible to test every condition as I explain here: 2.22 app, Wyze cam v3 & Watch 47 firmware Beta Test 6/23/2021 - #82 by carverofchoice But as they clear out some critical bugs, they will have room for new products to be added anyway. At worst, the new products can be handled by an entirely new team of people, so the new products aren’t necessarily taking away anything from the needs of existing maintenance. That is why having new product launches is not concerning to me.

Having said that, I am also solidly in agreement that Wyze needs to address these recent critical bugs. I have some V3Pros that keep going offline with this new firmware and requiring me to reset them now, which was never needed before. And there are others like you who have devices that won’t boot up at all. That is definitely unacceptable, and I totally agree that it needs to be resolved as a high priority. I am in no way disagreeing or saying otherwise. :+1: If I came off that way at all, then there was a misunderstanding.

Incidentally, have you submitted a support ticket yet? Wyze has asked people with bricked cameras to make sure it gets logged through support.

Same experience…both of my v3 pros have not been able to find the network name since last week’s firmware update. I was able to reconnect one for a day, but then it disconnected. And I agree about Wyze falling short of expectations. Their operations, processes, architecture, customer and app support are either slow to react, error-prone with solutions, and doesn’t seem to prioritize enhancing or updating their current products, features, and service offerings to meet customer demands, market trends, or competitors’ tech. The current firmware issue highlights this. I feel like I buy a Wyze product and service, new and shiny at the time, and a year later it’s all the same. Some things fixed/updates, some new features that may or may not be relevant, but still lacking integration options or IoT innovations. Sounds harsh, but my main issue is what others already mentioned…serious issues with products/services not working, service connectivity, communication with support, and a no sense of urgency to respond and resolve…all from a company who provides security products and services.

It looks like a new firmware update has been released. I’ll wait until after work, then i’ll say a prayer at see if anything works.

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Same problem. Followed the flash software directions and still does not work. Very frustrating

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For those in this thread having the issue with the V3Pros, try updating to the firmware released today:

It’s not about the amount of people they have working in various departments. It’s about the amount of money directed towards resources that aren’t fixing the software issues. The majority of their products are software based and this area needs to be bulletproof. At the very least it needs to have talented people in that department and that costs money, that they could get from the new product development department.