Wyze v2s for sale at Home Depot

I accidentally came across some Wyze v2 cameras for sale at my local Home Depot. I was a bit shocked because I did not expect to see them available in a physical store. They packaged the v2 camera with the Wyze branded SD card. The price works out to be about the same when you factor in shipping when buying both the v2 camera and the Wyze branded SD card online. Amazing that they can offer that price point and take on the expense of making it available in a store. Not sure how they did it but funny thing is the fancy display adjacent to it could not offer anything in any category anywhere near that price point.

The word, “EXCLUSIVE” on the display, to me, indicates that Home Depot might be the only retailer selling them for now but I could be wrong. The other perplexing thing is why did they decide to leave out the PAN model as I have not seen any retail displays that have a camera with Pan/Tilt capabilities with Wyze’s pricing.


Some stores do have the cam pan , one near me does
$37.98 no sd card


#HDRock well that is interesting. Maybe my store sold out of them before I noticed.

Maybe , store near me only has 14

When I bought a PanCam from my local home Depot, they had to get it out of a box that was high up on a shelf, not on display. They also had a display with only V2s with SD cards and a box of V2s without cards hidden in the rafters that they showed me. Edit: this was a few weeks ago though.


I am very glad they have made their way into the retail space and even more shocked that their prices are about the same as before. It would like sense to start adding their products into the retail sector because when/if they release an outdoor camera and a doorbell at prices that are many times less than the overpriced similar products that their displays are next to; as a consumer which would you want to buy…an expensive Ring or Nest outdoor camera and/or doorbell or an affordable Wyze outdoor cam and/or doorbell that supports an SD card and much more to give in terms of free cloud storage features? This is just my speculation but I think when that happens there will be a lot more disruption to the guys that are big and known now and they will have to come up with a way to respond. :grinning:

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Maybe there is coming (did it already and I missed it?) a cable drama (or doc) called Disruption! Plenty of conflict and chicanery to explore, I’m sure. :slight_smile:

My path:

Is Home Depot selling or going to sell the Wyze Sense and Wyze Bulbs ? :wink: