Home Depot Selling a Wyze Copy

Thought this was interesting. I thought Home Depot was partnered with Wyze, why sell a competitive copy?


I wonder if that’s made by the same OEM that supplies Wyze? Looks like a slightly updated version of their Pan camera. Basically same specs just a few minor styling differences. At least from what I can tell.

NEXHT…never heard of it.

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Me either. New player (to me) I guess. I think I will stick with Wyze.

$22.00 per camera is pretty low for a Pan cam however.

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The cams that Wyze uses are 3rd party cams. Wyze just puts their own firmware in them and makes their own software app. If you look on Amazon, there are a few vendors that sell the same cams, but have different names.

This seems like 1/3 or 2/3 falsely advertised for “PTZ”. The “tilt” is entirely manual and pre-set, and I’m not clear as to whether the zoom is merely digital…

I guess Wyze’s version is similar (identical?) but they have the integrity to call it simply “Wyze Cam Pan”.

Wyze tilts electronically. I suspect the NexHT do also.

Amazon shows them having 15 days online AWS storesge and 128GB SD card compatible.

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Appears to be electronic tilt. I assume the zoom is digital not optical.

  • 360° pan view and 106° tilt view with panorama navigation camera pan and tilt control

This appears to be the US distributer.
Inland product

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Reviews of their Android app are highly mixed.

If the home Depot camera had usable audio, it be worth 60 bucks, but being a copy of a wyze cam I highly doubt it.

Well since China does not follow many copyright laws, I’m sure they made a copy with a 2mm difference in height (or something similar) so it’s not 100 % the same. And are marketing it under a different name.

It’s got nothing to do with China and copyright laws.
Wyze cameras are not manufactured by Wyze. The same cameras are sold by several companies, each with their own firnware and software.

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I was un aware of that. I had believed Wyze was the designer of these camera as I had not ‘seen’ other camera like this until after they ‘started’ to manufacture them and sale them.

As far as I know all of the current Wyze products are rebranded existing products.
There’s not a thing wrong with that.


I bet the software is crap and there are there are no frequent updates like Wyze gives us.

Hilarious - so this cam’s software is no different than Wyze’s

rwong : )