Wyze v2 issues

Hi, I’m having much difficulty with my new Wyze camera. A quick run-down: I put a formatted 32gb SD mini in the camera, created account, mounted, tested, live cam works, event capture works. Everything worked flawlessly on Day-1.

  1. On day 2, I’m noticing many Event notices from my dogs. I go to click on an “Event”, but get a blank screen that won’t load, even though the Event shows a thumbnail. None of the event’s will load on Day. Today on day-3, every-time I click on an Event, I get, “Error Code: No fragment. Please contact support if this persists.” Also, the thumbnails are now BLANK, showing a blurry image of a white couch.

  2. On day 2, someone was in my kitchen at 2am (not a surprise, I was aware) and I checked the Events to see if the camera was working. I saw the thumbnail (as I said before) and saw someone, and the Event would not load (as I also said above), however what was very strange was when I hit PLAYBACK from the event, it loaded the scene with the countdown timer, but was only showing the image from 12am. I know this because the person who entered the kitchen left the fridge open and suddenly at 2:18am, the fridge shows on the PLAYBACK as open, so it’s like WyzeCam just copied the image from 12am and kept it going till 2:18am not recording anything on the SD card, even though the timer was showing on screen, and the Events were being captured, or at least their thumbnails were… If this camera can’t even record video, this is a real problem!

  3. On day 3, I shut off Event Recording, Detect motion and Detect sound while I was in the kitchen. When I re-enabled it, it did not record any Events for quite awhile, maybe 1.5-2hrs.

  4. The app does not display rather it is currently recording an Event or not, nor if it’s actually recording at all or not.

Hi, that’s odd. Is your 32gb SD card from Wyze or a different brand.