Wyze v2 --> iPhone --> Mac --> DaVinci Resolve = Nintendo Soundtrack šŸ˜¹

I downloaded two videos from my Wyze v2 cam ( to my iPhone photo album, and then AirDropped them to my Mac (10.14.6) so I could put them together. There I imported them into DaVinci Resolve (17.1.1), and some bizarre bug resulted in the audio turning into what sounds like a Nintendo soundtrack :joy_cat::joy_cat:

The 2 original video files are here:

The original video files play properly in QT Player (10.5) or VLC (3.0.12). VLC reports the audio as 16-bit, 8 kHz mono PCM ALAW (slaw). When imported into DaVinci the audio goes adorably awry!

Iā€™m curious if this is a repeatable bug.