Wyze V2 Cam Goes offline

I have had this camera for 2 years or so and its been in use for much of that time. I moved it to a new location and now it will stay online for an hour or so after it is powered on but then it drops off. It is within 20 ft of a hot spot. Firmware is up to date. Every now and then I will see it pop online for a little while but mostly its off. I have an identical (slightly newer) model around the corner that is rock solid. No clue how to solve this.

If you move it back to original location does it work? Sounds like intermittent network issue. Could also be power. Do you have a different power supply you could test?


WIsh it were that simple. Tried swapping the power adapter even though the one I was using was brand new. With the original WYZE adapter it went offline after an hour or so. It really can’t be the wifi–I have an Omni mesh system and its about 15-20 ft from a satellite and about ~40ft from the system hub. As I said the other nearby V2 has never had an issue and this (older) V2 used to be solid as well. I am pretty sure it is the Wyze hardware.

You didn’t say whether you tried moving the camera back to the original location. Another question, is it possible something is causing the power to go on and off? Or is there something that could interfere on the same power circuit? I know our treadmill causes problems with signals at times.

I swapped the two cameras since the new one essentially is in the exact location as the old (2 3D printers…one no longer in use so I reused the camera).

The problem followed the older V2 as I suspected. The new camera is working and the old camera drops after about an hour. It is about 6-8 ft from the actual Orbi hub.

It CLEARLY is a hardware problem. All firmware is up to date.

Sorry to say I must agree. Of course it’s out of warranty which doesn’t help. Not sure how much you want to play/fight with it. You could try the Dafang software to see if it works any better with RTSP. If you don’t want to expend that much effort you should probably just replace it, if you need it.

So much for Wyze being a cut above other Chinese exports. This this thing didn’t even last two years.

I’ve been somewhat disappointed with some of the products, though I have to say the cameras, especially the V2s, have been reliable. The fiasco with the V1 sensors and low batteries and the lack of concern or support from Wyze was unbelievable. For what it’s worth the V2 in black is available on the website. Also recent firmware updates seem VERY problematic.