Wyze Theromstat System Shut off

Installed wyze thermostat in my garage. The thermostat seems to have a bottom threshold of 50 degrees. If the temp in the garage gets below 50 the thermostat kicks on the heater no matter what. I have tried to turn the system off in the app but it kicks right back on to 50 degree set point. Is this how the thermostat is programmed to operate? Would like to be able to shutoff he system no matter what the temp is. I am on current software.

I have similar issue trying to use it at our seasonal lake cabin. You need to turn the thermostat off and under settings, advanced, there is an emergency setting to not let the thermostat drop below a set temp or above another even if off. I have my lowest set to 35 i.e. not over heat the place when no one is there but to keeping the pipes from freezing. The problem I have been having is that the thermostat keeps jumping into a schedule, which I deleted but they keep coming back. Having moveed from Nest I am tinking I may return to it as feels like they kind of half @##ed the software and just saying turn off completely dont react to movement, schedules, etc isnt an option.

Oh I forgot to mention I think you need to have it set to Home when you turn it off so it doesn’t react to movement. seems super dumb that off isnt off…

Thanks for the info TED2 should be a simple software fix on wyze part.