WYZE Thermostat with Dual Zone

My Existing Thermostat has the following wires connected R, B, O, G, W, Y (Picture Attached)

When I go through the WYZE app installation instructions it says to connect :

R to RC

B to C

O to O/B

G to G

W to W1

Y to Y1

(Picture Attached)

I don’t thin this will work unless I do not understand how the thermostat works internally.

I have a standard gas forced air system with Duro-Zone SMZ air damper zone control.

Basically when the thermostat is in heat mode it shorts R-B sending 24V to the B terminal on the control board putting the board in heat logic. In cool mode shorts R-O sending 24 V to the O terminal on the control Board putting the board in cool logic. The 2nd thermostat should be no problem. (Schematic Attached)

I suppose I could install an external switch at the control board to accomplish this but it would be nice if the thermostat could control the board logic.

Current thermostat wiring

WYZE APP wiring suggestion

I had the same set up as you with the durozone smz and I could not find a way to get that to work with any modern thermostat. Plus I never liked the fact that you had to have your “master” thermostat on for the other to work. I ended up swapping out the durozone with a Honeywell truezone controller which solved both the thermostat issue and eliminated the master thermostat requirement. If you have durozone dampers, the wiring to those is a bit tricky so if you do it I can give instructions.

If the thermostat wont do the job, I was thinking I could just install a 3way switch to energize the O or B with 24V. I think that would work and since we only usually switch between heat can cool once in the spring and fall it wouldn’t be too much of a PIA. but if i could swap out the controller relativity easy and inexpensively I might just do that.

What model Honeywell truezone did you go with? I do have the durozone dampers so if you wouldn’t mind sharing the wiring instructions that would be awesome.

Yes, you could do it with a switch but I didn’t want the hassle. I went with the hz322, but only because I got it for about the same price of the hz311 and it has a few other options.
For the wiring of the duro dampers with the hz controller: Terminal 2 from both dampers get tied together and run to your 24v supply. Terminal 1 from each damper goes to M1 for each zone on the hz controller. Terminal 4 from each damper goes to M4 for each zone on the hz controller.

What is the purpose of having 2 terminals that control heat or cooling?

You might be able to trick it by putting a jumper on the W and B terminals, and another jumper on the Y and O terminals on the Zone 1 terminal strip. Then take one of the wires that used to run to O or B and run it to the C terminal from the equipment terminal block.
At the wyze end of the wire, take the wire that you have attached to C on the other end and connect it to C on the wyze. Connect the R, W, Y, and G wires to their respective terminals. Do not tell the wyze that you have an O or B terminal.