Wyze thermostat independent control for multizone homes

Does anyone know how wyze thermostat control multiple zones. i have single HVAC system with independent split zones where each zone is controlled individually. Two zones are down stairs and one zone is upstairs which i set to fairly different temperatures. can more than one wyze thermostat work together. Do i need to buy 3 thermostats or can i mix it with dumb thermostat and have zone specific controls

I have the same question… In the house we are currently buying there is 3 A/C units controlled by 5 different zones/thermostats…

Following… Same question. I have 2 HVAC units and 3 controllers. The larger HVAC unit controls upstairs and part of downstairs, and it has a dampering system which controls the air flow between/across those areas as the demand dictates.

I noticed the question below in the FAQ… and it doesn’t extend to our situation.

 "**I have 2 thermostats in my home. Can I use Wyze Thermostat?**

 If your 2 thermostats are controlling 2 different HVAC systems, then yes. You can use 2 Wyze Thermostats to control each system."
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I would like an official answer here too. I have one furnace and two zones which are controlled by two thermostats. Based on where the heat/cold is needed the zone controller opens and closes ducts. However, I pulled off the panel covering the zone control. There are two sets of wires coming into the device from each thermostat. It looks like that board figures out what to do with the signals from each which makes me think it’d work. I’d need to have two of those C wire converters hanging on the outside though.

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BTW… i tried buying 3 thermostats and wyze cart didnt let me add 3. the maximum it allowed is 2. So there is a limit to preorder. So i dont have an option but to fix wyze smart thermostat with a dumb thermostat

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I have a similar question. If I can verify that my home heating system is supported, I’ll be purchasing 2 Wyze Thermostats.
My setup:
1 Furnace (baseboard hot water).
2 zones - 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs. Therefore, 2 thermostats (1 for each zone).
I realize that I’ll need to add a C-Wire for each thermostat.
Question: Will 2 Wyze Thermostats work in this setup ?? Thanks !!


Yes, please let us know if we can buy two thermostats to replace two classic thermostats that are connected to one HVAC with two zones controlled by a Honeywell damper. Better yet, can we buy one thermostat and disconnect the extra thermostat, but allow the Wyze thermostat to control both zones (by way of the per-room sensors that are coming in early 2021)?

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For those wondering about their zoned system.

If you have a zoned system with multiple thermostats, you should have a zone board near your indoor equipment. You would need 1 thermostat for each zone. If you have 3 zones, you can mix and match thermostats since they limit you to 2 during pre-order. You can have a Wyze stat on the first floor, Wyze stat on the second floor, and a generic on the third floor.

  1. Will I need a C wire? Yes, the C Wire is the common wire required to power the stat along with the Red wire.

Yes, you need 1 per zone. If you want to remove 1 stat, you can wire both dampers to Zone 1 on your zone board. Then they will both open at the same time when there is a call. You can use the remote sensor on the second floor to average the temp between the two floors, or if the sensor allows, use it as the thermostat. Honeywell wireless indoor sensors allow using the sensor as temp averaging and/or act as the thermostat.

Hope this helps everyone, if you have specific questions for your setup, feel free to ask me. I work for an HVAC company here in the Carolinas.


A support person from Wyze told me that The Wyze thermostat will not work on a system with one Hvac system but two zones controlled by two thermostats one upstairs and one down stairs. I decided not two buy them because of there response. Was the Wyze support person incorrect?


I don’t think they were incorrect, probably didn’t fully understand your setup.

Thank you.

@WyzeGwendolyn it would be nice to get an official Wyze statement from someone with someone from the development m/technical team on this…


I think they did understand the setup… I just tried hooking up a thermostat to my downstairs of a 2 zone HVAC system (up/down) and it doesn’t seem to work.

I have one system with 2 zones. One thermostat upstairs and one downstairs. I have 2 of the thermostats but I haven’t attempted install yet. You said it didn’t work for you. What happens? @jordan501

Something that might help is this - it sounds like we are talking about 2 different things.

It sounds like a 2-zone “HVAC” system is controlled/wired differently than a 2-zone “hot water baseboard heat furnace” system.

The HVAC sounds more complicated and overlapping.

Can somebody confirm that? Thanks.

I have a single furnace with two zones. There are dampers that are opened and closed depending on where the heat needs to go. There’s a control board that has inputs for three thermostats. And the control board also sends the commands to the damper motors. I asked the furnace guy when he was over doing maintenance and he said there’s not reason it shouldn’t work. The control board takes in commands and it can be any thermostat sending them. I’m likely going to try one to see what happens.


Please elaborate. I installed my 2 thermostats on my zoned hvac system. No issues and running fine.


When I installed the Wyze thermostat downstairs, it says 4 wires are ‘missing’ (they are connected) during the setup. The screen stays on “WYZE”. In the app I did a test HVAC and it fails. My thinking is that the controller at the air handler is not sending any signals to the thermostat or the Wyze thermostat is looking for some response it’s not getting. I wouldn’t think it should have a problem, as a dumb thermostat was there (Honeywell TH622OU2000). If someone has any ideas I’d be open to trying…

So I have a single unit AC / Furnace with 3 individual zones . 1 downstairs and 2 upstairs 1 for the master bedroom the other for the rest of the second floor. When I first installed the thermostats in with all 3 C adapters only the first floor worked the others did not. After several attempts I ended up powering down the complete system then turning back on and pushing the black dial in for 15 secs the thermostat asks to reset click yes then try again.’It worked for me


If your one condensing unit has three air handlers, with three thermostats… the Wyze Thermostat will work just fine. The thermostats don’t need to “communicate” with each other. If any of them are on, the condenser would be running. If the thermostat “calls” home for air it will turn on it’s respected air handlerl