Only 1 thermostat zone working at a time?

We have three zones in my home, all with Wyze thermostats. My old analog thermostats allowed for each zone damper to operate regardless if the other dampers were opened or closed. The Wyze thermostats seem to only allow one zone to operate at a time. Is this by design? This makes my system have to run more often which is definitely inefficient. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Show me how you wired your system.

Followed the Wyze instructions.

Do you have an image of the other end? Where it connects to your zone controller?

I’ll climb up and get some pics tomorrow.

Mine is exactly the same. 3 zones. Only difference is it was Rc in the honeywell. I have setup 3 wyze and each floor is in its own temp setup n working.

There was a jumper on R and RC in my Honeywells.

During the setup, what heat type did you select? I see a note on that zone controller that it needs to have a fan signal from the thermostat during heat to open the zone dampers.

Gas, Forced air

Hmm. The zone control should be opening the dampers if multiple thermostats are all calling for heat then.

The jumper is internal on the wyze, If there is no Rh wire, Rc is automatically routed to both the heat and cool relays for switching.

I re-read your problem, because everything you’ve posted looks right to me, To clarify, is this a software issue where wyze is preventing multiple thermostats from calling for heat at once, or a hardware issue where they are all calling, but your zone control isn’t opening the damper for all of them?

I believe its a software issue. It has to be if the wiring is correct, as all was working beforehand.

Same jumper between R n RC. Just that the red wire was in RC for me.

Other people with zone controllers aren’t having issues, so I don’t know what to tell you- maybe your transformer isn’t powerful enough to run all they wyze thermostats and your dampers at the same time?