Wyze thermostat can't get it to work

My previous Honeywell thermostat had 3 of the available wires plugged in. Red in 1 white in 2 and blue in 3. There are a R hooked to R on control board Y to Y W to W G to G C to C . Honeywell works but when I put R to rc W to W1 and c to c on wyze just clicking. But if I switch R to w1 and W to Rc I get the thermostat to actually turn on but doesn’t nothing blows. Can provide photos. (upload://4QaPfC12MSYUxCaZqrvBPN4bKcl.jpeg)

That’s some sort of communicating panel. it’s not compatible with most smart thermostats, including the wyze.

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Well that sucks

I’m not sure exactly what this board is doing, do you have a model number on it? If you don’t need it, then you might be able to use the wyze thermostat by bypassing it. Normally I’d expect it to be a zone control, but you appear to only have 1 thermostat…

O can check. And yes I only have the one