Wyze thermostat independent control for multizone homes

I was able to install the thermostats, despite the ‘missing wires’ message. I just skipped the wire checking step when I was asked the second time. They are working now. Hope this helps someone.

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For anyone still looking for answer, this is working as expected similar to dumb thermostat when o replaced one Honeywell thermostat with wyze. I have a single hvac with 3 independent controls. There are dampers inside AC ducts that open close based on what system is triggered. All of these are controlled by HZ311 control board which is basically the brains in controlling and combining the requests.

But I believe the issues that will show up if you have more than one wyze thermostat or expect to be in sync with other thermostat. I don’t think there is any type of sync as of now. But you can basically run the same schedule across multiple wyze thermostat and it should nwork. Also running a circulation cyxcle once can sync temp differences.

Saying that as of today, wyze thermostat is a equal to dumb thermostat+ phone control. There is no auto learning of schedule like nest or weather based usage suggestion. It does have intelligence to maintain home/away based on other wyze sensors, but I have not tried it.

Also I noticed that wyze overshoots the target temp almost everytime. Meaning if my home temp set 68 and I change from sleep to home, it will keep running till 68 hits before turnoff. But because my system runs purge cycle, it will keep blowing air another 2 mins and temp will hit either 69 or 70. My old dumb thermostat had much more temp control and never overshot

Installation is okay. But do know that Samsung phone are having issues connecting through Bluetooth. After reading through forums I completed the installation using my wife’s iPhone.

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I can verify that the thermostat does indeed overshoot the temperature. It seems to want to estimate when the temperature will be reached, but until that estimated time runs out, it continues to heat… so If the estimate is wrong, the temperature goes above what it was set for… I hope that they will be able to push out an update to address that. (My old thermostat also never had that issue) I have tried auto fan and fan cycle. Now it is in ‘on’ fan to keep things more even.

Same situation here. I have one forced-air HVAC with a Honeywell zone board and 2 programmable Honeywell 'stats (upstairs/downstairs). Several Wyze support people have told me that this set-up is not currently compatible. However, Nest seems to manage this just fine and recommends simply replacing both dumb 'stats. From this thread, it seems that I should just buy two Wyze units and give the install a try, correct? If you’ve had success with the same config, please chime in. Thanks.

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I just replaced my upstairs thermostat on a dual zone system and it appears to be working well. I wrote it up here: Installation of Wyze Thermostat on Multizone HVAC System (Ultrazone) | by Tom Nats | Medium


Awesome! Great information!

I have a two-zone system with a Honeywell hz311 control board and installed two Wyze Thermostats. It appears to work great for cooling, however, there appears to be an issue with heating. When one thermostat is heating, it works fine. When the second one turns on, the furnace turns off and the fan keeps running like it is still trying to heat the house. I am not sure if this is a Wyze issue or an issue with my AC system. Still doing research, but just thought I would throw this out there to see if anyone else has had a similar issue on a two zone system. I don’t see how it could be the thermostat’s problem.

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Installed two thermostats on a two zone system with zone panel/damper. One zone had 5 wires and the other only 4 (no C). On the 5 wire side simply connected C wire previously not in use (to M1 terminal in zone 1 @ panel). Second zone I used the C adaptor and connected it at the zone 2 part of the panel, also at its M1 terminal. Both work like a charm and we are loving the thermostats! Wife loves telling Google "I’m cold*, which prompts it to raise the temp on both sides by 5 degrees. Excellent product Wyze team! You could expand your install prompts to include more info about installs where there is a zone panel.

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Sometimes a proper reset is all it takes. Glad you got it working.

Received my Wyze thermostats today and installed them in a 2 zone system controlled by a Zonex DIGI3U controller. Old dumb thermostats didn’t have C wires connected but upon looking at the Zonex board saw that the blue wires was connected to the C terminals for both zones. This meant that I wouldn’t need the c wire adapter.

At the thermostat end I stripped the unused blue wire and went through the install process, indicating that I had a c wire. Everything went smoothly. So far so good, no issues with the dual zone system. If anything changes I’ll post here. Not sure why Wyze says these don’t work in multi zone, single HVAC systems.

Attaching photos in this and following posts since new users are limited to one image per post.

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Downstairs thermostat wiring, with unused blue wire pulled out.

And here’s the Zonex panel how I found it when I pulled the cover off.

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I have a Honeywell HZ311 2 zone system When I first installed the thermostats. they had a problem heating. If one zone was heating and then the other singnaled to heat, the furnace would turn off with the fan still running. Both thermostats would try to continue to heat the house indefinitely with the furnace off and the fan running for both zones.

One problem the Wyze thermostat has is that it energizes the fan and the furnace at the same time, blowing cold air through the furnace until the furnace heats up. To remedy this you remove the g lead so that the fan is never turned on independently. When I did this, the HZ311 started working normally. Both zones could start heating at the same time with no malfunction.

With the G lead connected, it seems the HZ311 was getting confused with the multiple fan and heat signals it was getting,

So now I have a 2 zone system that works great, i just cant run the fan independently. Hopefully Wyze will fix the G lead problem with a firmware update (PLEASE!) . The G lead problem is an issue for all systems, not just a zoned system. It is a design flaw or malfunction.

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I have a 1 HVAC unit with 2 zones. the panel at the furnace looks like this

I have 2 Wyze thermostats to install. Do I need to use 2 C-Adapters?

I would think so because each one needs to get power separately since neither have a c cable it looks loke

is this an extra wire in the harness? You might be able to avoid using the 4 wire if there is a 5th conductor. If not, the adapter should work.