Wyze Thermostat WY same wire

My previous thermostat drives a AC/Heating unit that blows air based on the central system. In the winter they blow heat and in the summer they provide cooling.

The origin wiring shows the W and Y wiring being bridged and getting the same signal.

Can I do the same thing with the new Wyze Thermostat?

Currently I have W,C,R connected and it is working fine as a heat only operation. But what do I do so I can support both cooling and heating ?

Appreciate any help with this. Thank you.

W= heat, R=24 +volts, Y=cooling and C=common or the negative side of the 24volts-

Y and W are opposite modes so they would never be bridged.

Listen closely——if you have extra unused wires, say a green, you can label it Y at both ends at the t-stat and Air handler or furnace terminal board if you need a cooling circuit.

Hope this helps. I was an HVAC tech for years but simply research furnace color codes and you will see the industry standards. What the thermostat terminal requires and what the furnace terminal offers drives what you can do- plus the number of wires available at your thermostat.

You might be able to hook it up in the same way that that thermostat is hooked up, but I’d want to hear from wyze support first probably. I think that on your system, the only thing that that white wire is doing is running a fan, but I’m not sure how the wyze would like having it’s W terminal backfed by the Y terminal and vice versa.

you need pic from furnace board.
otherwise, it is all guessing.