Wyze thermostat with a float switch

Has anyone had issues with the Wyze thermostat not shutting off when triggered by the float switch? Here in humid Florida, air conditioner drain lines can clog easily. Last time the drain pan in my AC filled up, my previous thermostat automatically shut off until I drained the pan. This time, the Wyze thermostat didn’t shut off and the drain pan (located in the attic) overflowed and ruined the ceiling in my spare bedroom. The wiring seemed pretty straightforward and the float switch had already been wired on the AC previously. I’ve replaced the thermostat twice since I’ve lived here and not had a problem until now. Could I have missed something?

Could your float switch be wired improperly?

I’m in Florida too so I’ve got a similar issue with the drain sometimes backing up. However I’ve got an Ecobee thermostat that I’ve had way longer than Wyze has made theirs.

With my system, the float switch kills the power to the air handler, which in turn kills the power to the thermostat. So if I notice the system is off or the thermostat is blank then it is time to break out the shop vac and clear the drain.

The float switch worked exactly how you described before when I had the Ecobee thermostat installed, so I don’t think it’s wired improperly. Luckily, I still have the Ecobee. I may be switching back. The Wyze one hasn’t been working so well for me. I never could get the room sensors to connect to the thermostat.