Ac Won’t Kick on

Just set up my new Wyze thermostat. Having trouble getting my ac unit to kick on. Already having trouble with the adapter hookup with my fan constantly but more importantly it seems that I can send a signal to the furnace.

Heat works fine. I have before and after pictures of the connections on the control panel. Appreciate any advice.

You’ve reversed the R and C wires going to the compressor.
The first image is cut too small, but You can see that the R wire needs to go through the float switch (large yellow wire) to the thermostat, not to the compressor.

Take the R ribbon wire off of the R terminal and attach it to the yellow wire that you attached the red wire to. take the red wire that you put on the float switch and put it back on the Com wire on the furnace board that it used to be on. I made a picture to help you.

The float switch cuts power to the thermostat if the pan below the evap coil fills with water to prevent you from flooding the room below the furnace, so if you ever notice that the thermostat is off in the summer, check the pan to make sure it’s not full.