Wyze thermostat, heat shuts off but thermostat still thinks it's on

A/C ran find all Summer but now have changed to heat mode and noticing that the furnace will come on ok, but when furnace shuts off, Wyze thermostat still thinks it is heating…so basically it runs once then never comes back on when house cools down below set point as thermostat thinks it is still heating.

I am using a sensor and a basic schedule and have tried deleting both in case it mattered to my issue, but the issue still persists.

I’ve double checked wiring at thermostat and furnace, I saw the green wire for the thermostat going to C, but when I switch it to green terminal the thermostat doesn’t even come on, it just clicks in a loop.

Other pics in below replys…


OLD thermostat

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You should be able to upload additional photos in additional replies. Please post a photo of the Wyze Thermostat wiring and a photo of the wiring where the thermostat bundle terminates at your AC\Furnace.

Just from looking at the original wiring pic you posted… Something isn’t wired by standards for what appears to be a Heat Pump. The Blue, White and Orange placement are questionable, but this can only be confirmed by matching them with the wiring at the unit.

When you set the thermostat up, did you tell it you had 2 sets of wire labels for a heat pump?


Thanks, here are the other pics.

It isn’t a heat-pump type, it is conventional with furnace & outdoor A/C unit. I do not remember telling new thermostat about any kind of a heat-pump. The “extra” set of two wires on furnace board are routed out to A/C unit.

NEW thermostat

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OLD furnace board

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NEW furnace board

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Thanks for posting those. I had assumed that it was a Heat Pump AC unit because of the presence of the Orange Wire which is customarily for the Reversing Valve.

I am going to tag this one to the expert @speadie to take a look at.

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From your description, I doubt you have anything actually running on W2. it sounds like the wyze is switching W1 off and using W2, which should be a higher power heat source, but isn’t actually connected to anything. So wyze thinks it has enabled the higher heat output device, when in reality it has switched the heat off. Try resetting your wyze and telling it that your “old thermostat” has the following wires: R, Y, G, W,
Don’t change any of the wiring. you can leave W2 connected- if it notices that there is a wire plugged in there, just press ignore.


That seemed to do the trick after two heating cycles!! App now recognizes correctly when heat has been turned off.

Thank you very much for your timely help with this, it is appreciated! :grinning:


Wait until he @speadie sends you the bill. :rofl: :rofl: