Wyze thermostat wiring -HELP

Can’t seem to get any power to my new thermostat. Here is my set from original to at the furnace. Any advise is greatly appreciated! I am sending pics in separate emails.

This is the original wiring for existing batter powered thermostat.

Here is the set up based in wyze thermostat instructions.

Here is the airing at the furnace:

The black wire off if red is spliced to a small sump pump.

Show a wide image of the furnace board with all thermostat wires included.

Not sure if this helps.

How many things are in series before the red wire goes to the thermostat? there might be so many that the voltage has dropped below what can power the wyze. - I see at least 2 things, whatever that black lamp cord wire goes to and whatever the yellow wire goes to. I’d expect one of those to be a simple shutoff switch in case the condensate pump fails, but what is the other?