Thermostat, possible wiring issue, boiler heat only

So this is how my old thermostat (battery powered) is wired and is function currently, the 2 grey wires are a 24v converter plugged into the wall outlet below, the red and white go to the boiler.

I have done the install and put the wires where I feel they should have gone but the thermostat does not power up. Any help would be appreciated.

This is what the app is telling me to do and what I have done. It wouldn’t let me post 2 photos.

Sounds like the Wyze Thermostat is not getting any power at all, but the way you described your set up seems right. Did you somehow unplug the 24v converter during the process? If so make sure it’s plugged in. If not that, make sure the C and Rc wires are properly inserted to the terminals where the clips are pushed in.

Otherwise, can you post a photo of your Wyze wiring?

The transformer wires are stranded and pretty thick, how much wire is inserted into the wyze’s connectors? You might need to strip them back a bit more and remove some of the strands on the stripped area to make sure that they go all the way into the wyze’s lever connectors.