Thermostat no power

My old thermostat is a Honeywell. My furnace is Rheem. I have 5 wires from the old thermostat and I followed all the directions. I am not getting any power to the Wyze thermostat.!

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The wire in your furnace definitely look different the ones at your thermostat. See if you can find where the wires come in from the thermostat.
@speadie is a knowledgeable user that might also be able to help with this.

The blue wire in the furnace isn’t hooked up to C. Your old thermostat probably used batteries. Turn off power to the furnace and take the blue wire that is wrapped around the thermostat wire in the furnace and strip the end and add it to the C terminal, Doing this with the power on will likely blow the fuse, so make sure the furnace board is not lit up like it is in the last picture before doing it.

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