WYZE Thermostat using heat pump and emergency power option

Before I buy the new WYZE Thermostat, I need to know if it will allow me to use emergency option/switch for heating on my Trane heat pump. The Emergency option/switch turns on the built in heat strip and stops the heat pump from running it’s cycle for heat. I hope someone has worked with this issue and can advise me about the WYZE Thermostat and using the Emergency option/switch.

The app will allow you to program in and test the Emergency heat. It did work on my Goodman. BUt the thermostat still have some firmware bugs so be prepared to have some issues. Or it might just work, its a toss up.

Thanks, and it’s good to know that Emergency Heat is part of the programing. I do see some folks complaining about different issues. It does sound like they need to keep working on the firmware. Have you heard if WYZE has a way to upgrade the firmware? Thanks a bunch. Jim

It can be upgraded OTA, It did an upgrade right after it connected to the App.

Thanks again for your info and help. It will really help me in buying a thermostat.

No, there is no way to override stage one and turn on emergency currently. The only way is to turn up the setpoint so Wyze is running more than 20 mins.