Thermostat Heat pump auxiliary heat options

Please add the ability to control the set low temp point threshold for the heat pump and kick over to the next stage of heat. Outdoor temp could be based on local weather data from the internet instead of the need of a outdoor temp sensor.

Please add in the graph section a different color per stage of heat. It would be nice to see heat pump use vs electric/gas/propane/oil use.

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Agree this is a deficiency in wyze thermostat. My cheap old Honeywell thermostat does this.


I agree. I can’t find a way to kick it down to Gas when I want/need to. Also it should be kicking to gas if the temp change is more than 2 degrees. That is what I prefer so that the house will heat up more quickly. I have a Goodman Dual Fuel System Heat Pump and Gas. I can’t help but feel the setup isn’t quite right yet. I have an outdoor thermostat on the unit that should tell the unit to change to gas at 40 degrees. It doesn’t seem to do that.

Need an aux/em heat mode only. My old honeywell allowed me to set it like this. Most of time it’s not needed because wyze seems to handle stage 2 heat pretty well so far. But it’s good for testing the system when you want stage 2 heat only.


I agree and I don’t think you question should have merged with mine since you want the ability to run emergency mode manually.

I have heard that if you connect to the “*” wire, you can choose emergency heat, but this seems unnecessary and should be able to be controlled by the white wire. I am going to see if I can update my post to fit your request as well.

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Yes I thought it was odd too. Although somewhat related we’re asking for 2 very different things.

And fwiw the thermostat seems to have it’s own logic like my honeywell as to when to activate stage 2 heat. If it’s more than 5 degrees it kicks in right away. Also it seems to kick in when it anticipates taking x amount of time or more to reach desired temp. This is also what the honeywell did so maybe it’s using the logic already built in to the system. Who knows…I’m not an HVAC pro.

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I want to be able to disable stage 2 heat that comes on when time to heat times out.
Also there should be a graph that shows how much stage 2 heat has been on. It’s very expensive


Need a way to be able to control the amount of time and/or temperature difference before Auxiliary / Emergency heat comes on with thermostat. It appears the thermostat has an algorithm that it uses to decide when to turn on Aux/Emergency heat. This is causing higher than normal power usage for those of us with heat pumps and auxiliary electric heat strips.


I’m resurrecting this thread because of a recent snow storm that put us w/out power for almost a week. I had a small generator to keeps basics up but my plan is to get a big enough one and a trajnsfer switch to power at least the furnace and well pump. But then I realized I won’t be able to do that becuase this thermostat doesn’t allow you to run Stage 2 heat only (aux or emergency) This seems like a vital function now. How can you design a thermostat test where it only runs Stage 2 heat to test but it’s not a function during normal run times? Help me understand that because it makes no sense to me.

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