Wyze thermostat - Used "electric" instead of "gas" but works?

Hey guys,

I installed my wyze thermostat today and after trying to set up the “heater fuel source” I chose GAS, because well… I have a gas heater. No heat was coming out during the testing, but cold air was fine.

So I reset it and as a experiment I clicked “ELECTRIC” as a fuel source and suddenly it works. Works just fine. Somehow.

Am I causing any damage by sending the wrong signal to the heater?

  • if anyone asks, the original Honeywell thermostat had C, R, Y, G, W. So a real simple setup and wiring was easy. The original Honeywell had a switch on the back that said “gas/oil” or “electric/heat pump” and the switch was on “gas/oil”.

  • I am 100% certain that I have a gas furnace as I’m looking at the gas lines going into the furnace and several warnings about how gas can cause a fire etc etc.

Actually after looking again, The fuel source is only to calculate savings. Sooo this is certainly a dumb post