Wyze Thermostat - Smart home heating & cooling

It would be great if there were different Advanced options. I’d make the default the thermostat temperature. But, the user could choose 1) a different sensor to key to, 2) the average of selected (or all) sensors, or 3) a function where it is actuvated whenever ANY (or selected) sensor triggers a max or min temperature setting.

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Do you experience a lot of connectivity issues? In the reviews it appears to be a common issue. We have 110V baseboard heat at our cottage and losing connectivity frequently while being over 200 miles away would defeat the purpose.

I understand they all do at times. We have a nest at home and losing connectivity is a rare issue for us there.

There is a huge gap in the market when it comes to line voltage heat smart thermostats. We have electric baseboard heat at our cottage and need the ability to control heat in each room when we are away. This would require a smart thermostat for each heater.

I understand Wyze is currently working on a smart thermostat for other hvac systems however I believe this is an area in which Wyze may have the ability to conquer the market!

Yes…Ecobee has this and I would propose Wyze take this feature as a requirement. I have three floors, but only a thermostat on floor 2 and 3. It’s hard for me to regulate temp on floor 1, but I feel this type of solution would help.


I think multiple sensors would be good, and I am not sure if someone else has suggested this but if there was something to handle multiple HVAC systems in the same house that would be great as heating and cooling lower levels does effect the upper level systems. And I personally dont care what the temperature is downstairs at night( because there are no bedrooms) but I do care for the upstairs. Multi-sensor/multi units would need to communicate regularly to help balance needs. I also have a basement without a thermostat at all but it regulates itself pretty well most of the time.

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@WyzeMike will the Smart Thermostat be able to control whole house humidifiers??

Price is what has kept me out of this market.

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Nest also has had this option for a year or two at this point with their thermostat.

I use it on a schedule because one part of my house is consistently cooler, year round, than the rest of the house.

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Hello @WyzeMike! Do you have any updates for us on the status of the Wyze Smart Thermostat? Is it in Alpha or Beta yet? If not, will WYZE be contacting testing candidates soon? Is there a “tentative” EA release date?

Just checking in on a much anticipated product!
Thank you!

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I’m very interested here too. Looking at upgrading to 2 Nest thermostats…but would rather wait and try Wyze if it might be soon.

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@WyzeTeam Please I want to be part of the testing too. Wyze Thermostat is something I’m looking forward to

They usually get the testers from the people who have signed up and filled out the form for hardware testing. I have attached the link to sign up for testing, Software is listed at the top and the form for hardware is lower on the page. Just a not currently Facebook is required to be a hardware tester.


Honestly a basic device that is connected to this ecosystem that can run basic schedules and allows local control on integrated control touchpad would be amazing.


My house has no C Wires. You can buy on Amazon a 24 V transformer specially designed for this situations. My cobee 3 Lite works perfectly with it.

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I know HVAC thermostats might be more complicated than security cameras, door and motion sensors. But I was thinking about attaching Wyze door sensors to my windows to let me know when these were open or closed. Then I was thinking that it would be cool (literally) if I could link those to a thermostat. This way if the windows -and exterior doors- were opened and stayed open for 8 minutes I could have a rule that would turn the central A/C off.

Of course, I was thinking a few steps ahead and have automated windows that would close when they A/C was turned on.

PS: Are rules kept local on my phone or on the device OR are they kept on Wyze servers?


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Rules are stored on the server. That way, if the app ever needs to be reinstalled or you install it on a new phone, the rules (and other features of your account) are preserved. Also, when a trigger occurs, the rule is processed on the server and your phone does not need to be online with the Wyze app open.

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Hi @WyzeMike,

Can I request an integration between Wyze and Hubitat Elevation HA system? I already have Open/Close sensors on my doors/windows. And I like the line of thought @wecarealot has. The thing is that I and a lot of power DIY users on that platform have been doing this with Honeywell and Ecobee Thermostats for many years. It would be great if others and I could continue our HA with Wyze thermostat.

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Wondering where the timeline of this in-development is currently, Have fathers-day around the corner and wondering if I should be waiting on this to be released to alpha or beta and possibly test one of these or just go ahead any buy something like the Ecobee, which even if this does get released at least then I could have something to compare features with having both the alpha of this(if I am lucky) and a 5th stage production marketed device to compare with? Last I saw in the comments was early Q3 EA, has this changed with what is going on in the world?

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