Wyze Thermostat Reporting 0 Degrees Celsius

I reported on this earlier but have learned more about the situation. I removed the thermostat for a while and replaced our old “dumb” thermostat until I could spend some time on this. Yesterday I reinstalled my Wyze thermostat and all was working as expected. A short while later I noticed that it was not heating up (once the outside temperature started to drop) and I checked that app and once again the thermostat kept turning itself off shortly after I’d turn it on.
I went to my breaker box, turned off the A/C unit (and thermostat), and double-checked all my wiring. When I powered it back on the thermostat is now showing 0 degrees Celsius (32 Fahrenheit) and while I can get the thermostat to stay “on” by choosing just heat (choosing auto makes it shut off again) the heater never kicks on. The test process causes both heat and cool to turn on and output as expected so that appears to be working fine but the thermostat internally I think may be faulty.
Any thoughts or tips are appreciated. I’ve emailed support but since it is now the weekend I don’t expect to hear from them too soon. I hate to keep swapping our thermostat back and forth and have a feeling I’ll need the Wyze device attached for support to exhaust possible options and send me a replacement but if there is something I can do on this end to prevent that I’d be happy to try.

  • Greg

I have a similar problem except my test were not right. Mine is stuck on 32 degrees also. Did you get any answers?