Wyze Thermostat Orientation

I’ve searched but not located an answer to my query. Can the thermostat wall plate be mounted on the wall in either the vertical or horizontal orientation? If mounted horizontally will the display face read correctly, like a mobile device switches or is vertical the only install option.


Nice thought! I have not heard either way, but if it hasn’t, I’d vote on this if it became a wishlist item.


I want to know this as well

Due to the way the screen displays the thermostat must be mounted vertically

Hmm. That’s very disappointing - and extremely limiting. Seems like it would be natural to have a software option to chose mount orientation, and the software just rotates the display output accordingly - not difficult.

I’m replacing an old Honeywell T8084A that has a wide horizontal base plate with wall paper cut out around it. I aesthetically don’t have the option to mount the Wyze base plate vertically.

C’mon Wyze - get it together and push through a firmware update to support horizontal mount.

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I am in the same boat as Ronkinoz. Most of the old thermostats I’ve seen have been mounted horizontally, so it is a very common mounting orientation. I’m disappointed, I’ll have to return my Wyze thermostat, because the horizontal mounting isn’t supported… :neutral_face:

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Same boat here. Surprised Wyze hadn’t thought about that before. Disappointing

I’ve made a plate to use with horizontal use cases, if you have a 3D printer, or know someone that does.

I’ve posted it and the original Fusion360 design files on Thingiverse.com

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