Wyze Thermostat Mounting Issue

My old thermostat was mounted in the landscape orientation and the mount plate for the wyze thermostat mounts it in portrait orientation. I want to ask the community:

  1. If anyone has been able to mount the Wyze thermostat in landscape orientation (rotated 90 deg).
  2. Get a mounting plate that mounts in landscape, but orients the Wyze in Portrait orientation.

The image of my current thermostat mounting is shown below:

Here is some previous discussion on the thought.

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Thanks for sharing a relevant previous discussion. I’m disappointed the horizontal orientation isn’t supported on Wyze thermostat.

Just out of pure curiosity, do you just prefer a horizontal mount over the vertical? Totally respect your preference, just curious.

I had a very similar previous thermostat, and the oversized plate covered all the former mounting holes. I did have to do a little spot painting.

I actually like the vertical mount over the horizontal.

I also like the vertical mounting better. I just have an electrical box with mount holes in them from the older thermostat. The new vertical mount holes will require me to drill one hole through the box. If both the holes were in the wall, I’d have mounted it with wall anchors.

Gotcha, yea… a box, heh. Guess my builders weren’t so nice. Just a hole in the wall and some drywall sinks.