Wyze Thermostat Horizontal Display

Sometimes it is not possible to mount the thermostat in a vertical position (at least I couldn’t, my original thermostat was horizontal and there is an electrical box for the cables that had a metallic piece that won’t allow me to drill the holes vertically), thus, it would be nice to have the display for the thermostat rotate when the thermostat is horizontal.

This could be done the same way a phone rotated the screen when in landscape, or to make it easier, having just the option to rotate it through the app or the thermostat settings.

It is very annoying to have to tilt my head a bit every time I’m going to look at the thermostat

Wyze can’t figure out how to rotate their app for iPads to landscape, so no, your thermostat probably won’t rotate landscape either. Oh, it’s been about 4 years since people has asked for landscape view. Good luck.

I also have a horizontal thermostat install - and I have a client that has 13+ horizontal thermostats that are 15+ years old and he wants online thermostats - sure would be nice if the Wyze thermostats can work in horizontal.