Is the wall plate required for thermostat installation?

It’s not clear from the video… and looks awfully big. Thanks.

If I’m not mistaken they said it was not required it is up to you.

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The thermostat does attach to a separate mounting plate that can be used with or without the wall plate. The wall plate can be used to hide any un-painted area from a previous thermostat.


@Brlepage couldn’t have said it better myself

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spiffy, thanks.

Can you mount horizontally? Would there be a screen setting to adjust it accordingly?

No you can’t. This is because of the screen and the dial only being programmed that way. That may be able to create this feature, but I’m not sure if they’ll do it.

Big disappointment for this loyal Wyze customer. The mounting plate is REQUIRED for units now shipping.

If any of you have a wife/partner with any design sense the requirement to use the ridiculous mounting plate is a no go.

WYZE, please change your marketing photos and details section on the thermostat ordering page…otherwyze you will make more happy customers very, very sad.

I would pay extra for the smaller mounting plate shown. Help me Wyze, your other products are beautiful why destroy this product b4 it launches?

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Where did you hear this? The mounting back plate can be detached from the mounting trim plate. Edit: see @Omgitstony’s great explanation below!


On phone with Kat for a long time today. She was eventually able to confirm the units no longer detach.

Happy to send you pics of this epic fail on Saturday when I get home.

If you have 2 “detachable” versions I will happily trade.


Oh my thats terrible. I installed mine without the wall plate and it looks so good. Would not be happy if it didn’t detach.

Please post pictures of this. Also, when did you purchase your unit?

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I purchased around when they first took preorders. So before they switched to units that require the back plate.

Wanna trade?

Visual aid time! So everyone uses the same terms, here is the page from the install book:

Wall cover with back panel attached:

Back panel detached from wall cover, with a close-up of the pinch points that hold them together:

Thermostat with back panel, detached from wall cover. It can be mounted like this if the wall cover is not desired or spouse approved.

Or can be mounted with the wall cover included:

This was a pre-order production unit, looking forward to see if yours differs from this.



Mine arrived last week.

Just tried detaching them and all 3 worked. The attachment isn’t totally obvious, and the little attachment tabs aren’t accessible to a finger (have to use a thin screwdriver). The pulling apart action is like “peeling” the small baseplate away, as if you’re breaking it.

Updating this thread also…