Wyze thermostat now using 6 wires, doesn't seem to control system

Attached are two pictures of my furnace and the old thermostat. There are five wires running from the furnace to the thermostat a red yellow blue green and white. At the thermostat the old one, there was a jumper between R, RC which I removed.

The furnace only has R, Y1, Y2, G, and W connected. These correlate directly to the old thermostat to the fan, AC, heater, second stage AC, and the 24 volt AC power. There is no common there is no second stage heater. There are two stages for the air conditioning. The system worked well on the other controller.

Because there was no common I had to use the Wyze C adapter. That adapter converted only for the wires and left the Y2 ( blue ) running directly from the furnace up to the connection board at the thermostat.

initial testing seemed to go okay with the heater turning on and first stage AC turning on. Second stage AC I thought turned on but I didn’t notice much difference in fan speed or cooling.

Now I get basically nothing out of my heating / AC unit. The Wyze thermostat thinks it is working, but I can’t tell it’s really working.

The C wire adapter takes the R, Y1, G & W1 from the thermostat wires and converts them into the equivalent wires with a C connection. The blue wire that was connected Y2 still runs between the furnace and the thermostat panel. Outside of C adaptor, I guess to handle the second stage AC portion. So in essence I went from 5 wires going from the furnace to the thermostat, to basically six connections at the furnace, and five connections at thermostat. And none of it seems to quite work right.

I also installed one of these at my home that had four wires in between the furnace and thermostat and it seems to work great. with the exception of the coast to cool also causing coast to cool on the heat cycle rather than just the air conditioning cycle, which is another gripe I have and going back and forth for two months with wyze has done nothing for that. heating cycle. Okay so that’s off topic.

Am I wiring this thing correctly for a two-stage air conditioning unit with one stage heating going from the furnace to the thermostat? What am I doing wrong that’s making it not work? it’s a bit frustrating as this is my mom’s home and she needs her heat and cool as she’s very old.

Show pictures of how you wired the C adapter. Also, is this a brown wire wire behind the thermostat?

You might not need the C adapter if this wire is available at the furnace as well.