WYZE Thermostat C wire help

Behind my thermostat I have only 4 wires W,R,G,Y but at my furnace I have 2 extra wires for my a/c condenser, Y and C.

With everything installed per the installation instructions the A/C works fine.

The problem is when I turn on the heat. The A/C runs simultaneously with the furnace when heat is selected.

Using the supplied adapter and not hooking the a/c wires back up, the furnace and thermostat work fine.

Any suggestions?

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Welcome to the Wyze community @aaronagray!

Could you please provide pictures of the control board and thermostat?

I believe that those wires go out to your AC unit. It there 2 Y terminals?


Thank you. Your question resolved my problem by allowing me to realize my mistake.

Yes 2 wires for the AC, one Y and the other C (giving me 2 Y’s in total). I had the Y for the AC connected to the Wyze adapter which created the problem.

Now both AC wires Y and C are connected directly to the control board and everything seems to be working fine. I still have the other four wires connected to the adapter and 2 C wires now connected to the board (the original and the adapter’s) plus the remaining adapter wires to the board.

Thanks so much!