Wyze thermostat not turning on AC condenser

Believe I have this all hooked up correctly but hoping someone could take a look and see if something is a muck. Installed these over the winter, but trying to fire up the ac but it the condenser wont come on. The fan will but not blowing out cold air. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Not sure what else it might be caused by(I’m not an HVAC guy at all) but these two wires look to be possibly shorted together…

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Yeah, they look crossed in the picture

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Do you have a before image of your furnace board? I wouldn’t expect to see a wire that doesn’t go to the thermostat coming off of W normally.

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I took pictures within the Wyze app during install but I can’t seem to retrieve them now after the install.

Just a hunch then without a wiring diagram, but try moving the upper white wire on your furnace panel from W to Y and see if the compressor starts. the worst that can happen is whitewater’s attached to that wire will start up. If it’s the compressor, good, you found your problem. If it’s the humidifier, probably best to swap it back.

Report back if it doesn’t fix the issue,

You’ve got a blue wire in your wall behind the thermostat, so might not even need the C adapter.